The audit will be carried out annually by an in-house auditor employed by EDWCA. All audit results remain confidential between the member, the auditor and the audit manager.

Full Service and Maintenance Depots, where dispensers or accessories such as filters, cups, drinks sachets etc. are stored and/or serviced, will normally be subject to an annual audit visit. Members will be asked to carry out paper audits for minor depots or unoccupied storage facilities.

The audit is wide ranging and encompasses the essential operations and good practice required by relevant Food and Water legislation. It requires, as a fundamental point, that a HACCP plan—as required by the European Food Hygiene Directive 852/2004 (enforced in the UK as The Food Hygiene Regulations 2006)— is both operational and actively pursued by the member.

The audit includes the bottled water dispenser activities of members and the supply installation and servicing of ambient and cold water dispensers. The audit also covers the supply of dispensers to the domestic market.

Members are advised to prepare for the audit. Auditors must take note of this requirement.

It is the member’s responsibility to prepare for the audit and demonstrate compliance for each clause of the standard. If evidence is not available then the auditor’s only option is to deduct points.

Each audit takes approximately 4 hours and is pre-arranged between the member and the Association auditor.

Any depot failing its audit, and scoring less than 75%, will be re-audited after 30 days has elapsed in order to allow improvements to take place. Those depots failing with 75-84% (or because of failing a control point) will not be re-audited but will be expected to write to the EDWCA Secretariat within 60 days confirming remedial action and timescales. Given satisfactory indications of compliance, a pass will be awarded. Only those companies passing the audit first time will be awarded their score.

Companies scoring 100% for two consecutive year audits will be granted derogation that they may self-audit themselves the following year. Another EDWCA audit will be required the year following this self-audit. Another two consecutive 100% score will result in another self-audit the following year and so on.

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