What makes EDWCA different and, therefore, unique?

EDWCA is the trade Association that is dedicated to recognising service excellence in the water cooler and hydration industry at both UK and European level. We’re always there with a helping hand to help our members understand what service excellence is, how to achieve it and use it as a key differentiator.

We address the issues of today and tomorrow as the needs of the water and beverage industry evolve. From our origins in drinking water, we set standards of excellence and support members with the knowledge, support and training they need to succeed in a changing market.

This is an exciting time for EDWCA. We’re proud of our reputation and integrity and excited to be in the unique positon of supporting the whole industry in achieving service excellence across all respective markets.

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EDWCA/NSF Installation course – The course focuses on the theoretical aspects of the Water Regulations and Byelaws that regulate plumbing installations, and requests candidates to demonstrate their abilities to follow the regulations in their practical work – which is something that similar courses do not offer. The practical assessment makes it more representative of a real installation and to make it more challenging for the installers.

Hygiene & Industry Awareness courseAll staff engaged in installation, servicing and sanitisation of dispensers and the delivery of water must have received EDWCA approved/accepted formal, certificated hygiene training—and achieved the required standard by examination—within 6 months of taking up employment.

The audit standards are intended to bring about a uniformity of service in the supply of dispensers by EDWCA members. They are the standards which are used by EDWCA’s auditors to judge members’ activities. The purpose of this document is to define the minimum standards to which members are expected to operate and to explain how they will be assessed in the audit carried out on behalf of the Association and its members.

The standards are based on those used by the Food Industry. EDWCA’s Executive Committee has decided that the ambient and cold water dispensers industry must work on the premise that it supplies a foodstuff to (which has always been the case for bottled water).

To pass an audit, each depot must pass every control point and amass a total of 85%.

We assist our members in delivering service excellence through support, advice and guidance with technical and information bulletins and staff tool box talks. We also provide HR, Legal, Employment and insurance assistance via our membership benefits.

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