Application Process and Requirements

Thank you for considering membership of EDWCA.

As a progressive Association, we now support a wider membership to encompass the ever-growing field of hydration. The Association is run on an inclusive basis. We have practical standards, training requirements and audits. However if a company is willing to undertake the audit process, we will accept their application for membership regardless of size.

EDWCA has embraced bottled water, POU, bag-in-box along with the beverage industry and, as such, have one of the largest association memberships for water in Europe – and we are still growing. The Association has based itself on sensible standards that reflect legislation and industry requirements, which are very much in line with Watercoolers Europe (WE) standards. All operator members are audited and failure/unwillingness to improve will, ultimately, lead to termination of membership.

Once your completed membership form is received:

  • Your application is reviewed by the membership committee for approval.
  • An invoice is issued and, once settled, you will become a probationary member of the Association until your first audit is passed (operators only).
  • You are introduced to other members of the Association and allocated a representative on the Executive Committee.
  • Your web-site login details are supplied, allowing you to log-in to the EDWCA website and amend your personal details, if required. You will also have full access to our technical notes and guidelines.
  • You will be able to use EDWCA’s recognised appropriate logo once you have passed your audit.

Membership is charged on a pro rata basis and fees are based on turnover. If you are an operator/bottler, you will be expected to have a physical annual audit and undertake training courses to comply.


As a new member, you will not be expected to undertake an audit until after the first 6 months of membership. Once you have passed your audit, you will be issued with a further logo and certificate and will become an Accredited Member. This is a process we will help you with by providing documentation templates and support. You will need to undertake training, detailed below, in order to comply with EDWCA Audit Standards and Guidelines.


EDWCA/NSF Installation course is a bespoke course. The course focuses not only on the theoretical aspects of the Water Regulations and Byelaws that regulate plumbing installations, but requires candidates to demonstrate their ability to follow regulations in their practical work, which is something that similar courses do not offer. The practical assessment makes it more representative of a real installation and to make it more challenging for the installers. The course is mandatory for all operator members and training is charged per delegate.

Hygiene & Industry Awareness course. All staff engaged in installation, servicing and sanitisation of dispensers, and the delivery of water, must receive EDWCA approved/accepted formal, certificated hygiene training—and achieved the required standard by examination—within 6 months of taking up employment. Such qualifications must be renewed every 3 years and is mandatory for all operator members. This is a 4-hour course and they will be held throughout the year in various geographical locations around the UK and Eire. Training is charged per delegate.

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