Executive Committee members stand for two years and are elected from the membership at the Annual General Meeting. They meet 4 – 6 times a year to progress the Association’s strategy.

James Anderton – Chairman

CEO Blue Direct

James has worked within the water cooler industry since 1999 when he started Blue direct, a POU focused business. In today’s environment his organisation has a wider reach and provides a whole range of equipment and services, including all types of water coolers from mains, bottled to Bag-in-Box and small pack. With this perspective, James became an interested party and active member of the trade Association at its inception and progressed from member, to EC member, and finally Vice Chair to Chairman. Predominantly, he has been focused on growing an association that is centred around clear logical standards, supported with guidance and relevant training, all structured in a way that establishes affiliation value truly meaningful to members. James’ vision is to become the sort after industry voice and the de facto standard and, where appropriate, will continue to work closely with other overlapping trade associations to support EDWCA members’ interests, the credibility of our industry and the relevance and requirement for our Association.

David Albers – Vice-chairman


David entered the water cooler business in the UK in the late 1980’s with Perrier UK, who pioneered the UK water cooler business with Buxton Springs Water Coolers and became the first UK wide water cooler company. His extensive career spanning more than 25 years continued, allowing David to gain a wealth of experience with companies such as Ionics (Aqua Cool), Greenworks Solutions and Eden Kafevend (Europe’s largest water and coffee company). Throughout his time in the industry, David has always given his time to help the industry trade associations: BWCA, EPDWA and EDWCA, and was one of the driving forces behind the creation of the EPDWA, later EDWCA.

Jim Redford – Vice-chairman

Managing Director H2O Direct

Jim has been involved in the industry since 2004, when he worked for Divine Water, a family owned water cooler company. After a number of years as operations manager which included roles in distribution, warehousing, routing, technical etc Jim looked into sourcing alternative products for the company and as a result in 2009 H2O Direct was launched. The company is now well established and provides filters, parts and accessories to the vending/POU/Water industry internationally.

Jim is an active member of this organisation and is part of the Technical Committee as well as belonging to AVA, WE, CESA and BSA.

Matthew Lee – Treasurer

Icon Technology System CEO

Matthew joined Icon Technology Systems as CEO for the business in 2015. Matthew has vast experience in the water cooler business having held a number of senior positions in this sector. His last role was as M+A director for Waterlogic Plc. He has also held management positions in GE Capital’s business equipment finance division and Dana Commercial Credit, focusing on the capital equipment market.

Brian Macpherson

Managing Director for Eden Kafevend

Brian has been with the business for 11 years, initially joining Eden as Human Resources Director and working, since then, in a variety of different functional areas. He has been a member of EDWCA’s Executive Committee since 2011 and believes that the Association plays an extremely important role in supporting all members and ensuring the highest possible standards of quality and hygiene across the industry.

Dave Fremel

AquAid Franchising

Dave has been with AquAid Franchising for 14 years and previously worked with BUPA for 15 years in the quality management and marketing division.

Karen Lamb


Karen, in addition to having had a varied career in sales (including selling Forklift Trucks for Toyota and Hyster and welding and grinding equipment for Arco), brings many years of experience and industry knowledge to EDWCA. Karen is Regional Manager for Oasis, one of the oldest companies in the industry, where she looks after the day to day requirements of over 300 operators. Working for one of the biggest innovators in our industry, Karen is ideally positioned to promote communication between operators and manufacturers for the benefit of the water cooler industry. Experience of the Irish market is something Karen will specifically bring to the Association and recruitment of members in this area is something she feels passionately about. She also believes that there is a requirement on the executive to have a female voice as many of the end users in the industry are women.

Kieran McKenna

B.Sc(Hon) Microbiology

Kieran started his first water company in 1991.  He, and his work partner Brian Cooney, built All Water Systems Ltd (AWS) up to become, at one time, Europe’s single biggest filtered water cooler company with over 13,500 various units in the small Irish market – the highest per capita penetration in the world.

Kieran was instrumental in establishing the forerunner to the European Drinking Water Cooler Association (EDWCA) and currently sits on the executive council.  As one of the founder members, Kieran became involved to set up a counter balance to the Bottled Water Association – The BWCA, so as to establish a forum and a voice for the fledgling Filtered Water Cooler Companies (so called POU or Point of Use Filtration Companies).  His interest in EDWCA has since evolved with the evolution of the bottle water cooler industry, which has now changed with most bottle water companies “embracing” and offering POU to their customers.

Kieran’s interest has now moved to the potential of Bag in Box water to bring radical logistical benefits to the water industry as a whole.  His company Aqueduct – The Well Water Ltd. is at the forefront of exploiting the opportunity presented by bag in box water.

Peter Benson

Managing Director of AA First

Peter has 17 years’ experience in the water cooler and coffee equipment trade at Director level. He is Managing Director of AA First and responsible for sales and marketing, product development and product management.

AA First was established in 1993 and is one of the UK’s largest suppliers of coolers and coffee equipment and have supplied in the region of 175,000 coolers over the past 17 years.

Peter has a strong IT background having worked in the IT business for 15 years prior to starting in the water business and he is responsible for IT Strategy within the company. Peter sees the value of a strong trade association and collaboration.

Joe Ishag

Aquarius X1 Ltd

Joe was Sales Director at Waterlogic from 1992 to 2001. He then joined Aquarius X1 and has been in the Water Cooler business for nearly 25 years.

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