To achieve the aims and objectives of the Association a number of committees have been established.

The Technical Committee

  • David Albers – Chair
  • Jim Redford
  • Kieran McKenna
  • Karen Lamb

The Technical Committee meets in advance of an Executive Council Meeting; this allows immediate feed-back and decision making. Its role is to cover all aspects of technology, including the changing technologies that face the industry. It reviews the guidelines for the membership and produces the Technical Notes for members. In addition, the Committee collectively help with members’ queries.

Audit and Training Committee

  • David Albers – Chair
  • Peter Benson
  • Joe Ishag
  • Bob Tanner (Audit Manager)


The committee work to continually review the Association’s Hygiene and Industry Awareness course to reflect the changes within the industry. This is a bespoke course developed for the EDWCA members.

The Audit and Training Committee oversees the process and meets on a regular basis to discuss any issues. The Committee is passionate that EDWCA members meet these standards and will help new and existing members to achieve them.

The Marketing & Membership Committee

  • James Anderton – Chair
  • Brian Macpherson
  • Dave Fremel
  • John Scrymgeour-Wedderburn

The Committee has the role of confirming and developing any marketing material related activity as required by the Association. This includes brochures, display material, members’ collateral, the website, PR and Associated communications. One of the roles of the Membership Committee is to review any new member applications, to thoroughly check the information and ensure all points are covered. The Membership Committee links into other sub committees and has a broad remit.

The Finance Committee

  • Matthew Lee – Treasurer
  • James Anderton
  • David Albers
  • Jim Redford

The Finance Committee considers the financial implications and costs attributed to the Association. The Treasurer supervises the bookkeeping function of the Association and oversees its financial statements. The Treasurer reports on the finances of the Association to the membership at the AGM and ensures that regular financial statements are prepared, as required by law.

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