World Water Day 22.03.18

Water…the elixar of life.

About 70% of the earth’s surface is covered in water. However while this seems to be a significant amount, just 1% of the world’s water is fresh! It is that 1% that provides all of our drinking water, keeps us healthy and helps us to live our lives each day. Imagine if we had no access to fresh drinking water. Some people already live this each day and our current 1% is under threat.

And it’s not just us! Our wildlife, crops and plantlife will be impacted. Our modern age brings many threats to our fresh water, threats such as pollution, overuse and climate change. This is a global problem but we can all help in our way to protect this most valuble resource.

The issue of less water or poor water quality could have serious economic consequeuces with most businesses using water in some format each and every day.

We can all do something to help fresh water…

  1. Raise a glass… and awareness – encourage your friends and family to raise a glass of drinking water, take a photo and post on social media
  2. Fresh water awareness – next time you visit a river or a stream do a little litter picking to keep our water pure.
  3. Adpot a freshwater species – visit – adopt a salmon or a river dolphin.
  4. Install a rain barrel – the average roof collects nearly 3000 litres for every inch of rain. Great fun with the kids and fresh water from your garden.
  5. Unseen Water – Did you know that almost everything has water in it. For example a cotton t-shirt takes 2700 litres to produce…the daily consumption for the average household is 350 per day. That’s the equivelent of 7 households to make one T-shirt.

Much food for thought on how we preserve our water.

Water is precious…but do we actually realise how precious?