EDWCA – Service At Your Fingertips

Association website to serve as a one-stop shop for new and existing members

APRIL 2017 | EDWCA has launched a new interactive website so its members now have everything they need on tap.

With a key focus on service excellence, EDWCA – one of the leading associations for the water industry at large, is very much on point when it comes to advising on array of hot and emerging topics.

The release of its new website on 18 April 2017 now means members can benefit from a suite of news, templates and information to ensure they’re always on a firm footing.

With continual changes to industry legislation, EDWCA has partnered with Pistachio Design to ensure a seamless online user-experience, whilst providing an engaging e-tool that offers a library of information like no other within its field.

David Albers, Vice-Chairman for EDWCA, said: “The new website reflects our rebrand and has raised the bar on what we are able to offer our members.

“The site is a now one-stop shop for anyone in the water industry seeking to keep a breadth of all the relevant news, gossip and, crucially, legislative updates to ensure that they remain compliant.

“Ease of navigation was fundamental to the design, so members can quickly access or download a wealth of information to up-skill their knowledge and mitigate potential risk,” he explained.

Albers, who also heads the technical, and auditing and training committees for EDWCA, further commented: “The Association has taken a number of proactive steps to increase its value proposition, which is why we’ve added a number of draft industry documents within the login area so members don’t need to re-invent the wheel.  This saves them a lot of time and cost.

“While we continue to be one of the driving forces for industry standards, innovation and best practice across the UK and Ireland, we’re also pleased to support a wide range of drinking water-related products and services.

“Buyers expect their suppliers to have gone through rigorous checks and operate to the highest standards, which we have the range of tools, literature and annual audits to verify our members.

“We to pride ourselves on the quality of our work and the standards we set.   The new website simply houses everything together under one roof,” he added.

Additionally, EDWCA members have free access to Qdos Business Support Services.  It provides unlimited access for members to areas including, Advice Line, which grants members unlimited access to experienced advisors offering practical advice on HR, employment law, health & safety, legal issues, plus tax and VAT matters.

If you would like to find out how to become an EDWCA member, please go to: www.edwca.com.