It’s a meeting of the minds…

We are delighted to be working with the Beverage Standards Association. It is a positive and proactive move for the EDWCA and its’ member and we are excited to develop this partnership.

The natural synergise between both association members and their service provision allows for cross over activities with planned collaboration for 2017 and 2018 already underway with Exhibitions, networking events and educational programmes to interest both members.

It is clear with our respective standards around the quality of training, installation, hygiene, equipment, service provision and general maintenance, that both association believe ensuring the highest quality of service to the customers.

Both EDWCA and BSA members are experts in their fields and this partnership will encourage new working relationships between the water and beverage industries.

Steve Slark Chairman of The Beverage Standards Association explained our association serves and represents our members interests by delivering, developing and endorsing best practice in our industry through training, education and networking, to improve the standards and quality of products and service in the out of home hot beverage market as does the EDWCA.

Our members represent manufacturers, distributors and retailers of coffee, tea, chocolate, cold drinks, ancillary products, machinery and services including training within the UK market.

The ethos of the BSA is to foster the growth of the UK Beverage market and to sponsor such growth.