EDWCA in association NSF launch re-vamped Installers course

As part of the Association continual improvement plan, EDWCA are delighted to offer to the industry a modernised NSF/EDWCA Installers course that reflects the changes within our industry. The first course was delivered on Thursday 22nd September 2016 and fully subscribed.

Tracy Corroll (EDWCA Trainer) commented;

We have always been comfortable with the regulatory content of our course but believed the practical element of the course required review.

As the only Water Cooler Trade Association with a hands-on practical element incorporated in their Installers course, it was important that this section of the course gave the delegates experience in the scenarios that they are likely to encounter within their normal working days.

Our new individual work stations provide a typical installation scene with cupboards, drainers and pipework, all of the obstacles that could be found in a general installation. It is essential to our industry for the delegates to be trained to carry out a quality installation to maintain the standards required under EDWCA Guidelines, WRAS and The Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 2010.

EDWCA would like our members to assess whether their installers would benefit from a refresher on this revised course that allows them to experience everyday scenarios from tracing a potable water source, establishing a connection and installing a water dispenser, all under the watchful eye of EDWCA and NSF.

Both EDWCA and NSF are able to offer support and guidance on the day to ensure all attendees are comfortable when being asked to complete such as installation on a customer’s premises.

Simon Warburton, Laboratory Director for NSF said of the new course;

For a number of years NSF-WRc has provided EDWCA members with a bespoke training course which focuses on Water Regulations and Byelaws. Successful candidates can use the certificate gained to join one of the industry’s Approved Installers schemes which gives members certain benefits to avoid having to notify water suppliers in advance before they install a water cooler.

The course focuses not only on the theoretical aspects of the Water Regulations and Byelaws that regulate plumbing installations, but candidates are also asked to demonstrate their abilities to follow the regulations in their practical work, which is something that similar courses do not offer. We have recently updated the practical assessment to make it more representative of a real installation and to make it more challenging for the installers.

The good news is that after the first running of the revamped course, all candidates passed the course and all were up to the challenges of the revamped practical assessment which is good news for the industry. Installers working for companies who are members of EDWCA have come on a long way since we started running this course around ten years ago.


David Albers Chairman of the Training committee advised;

With this new design and layout we are also delighted to announce that, from 2017, we will be able to host In-house Installers courses covering the UK. These will be dependent on minimum numbers and a specific criteria but this is another example how EDWCA are supporting their members.

The course is now available and is open to both members of EDWCA and other interested parties.


For further information contact our secretariat tracy@edwca.com